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As we welcome everyone to our place of worship, we please ask that all visitors follow the respective guidelines.

Before entering the SALA, it is important to remove your shoes, hats and sun glasses.

Appropriate attire for females is important.

Those wearing revealing apparel is not recommended to enter the SALA. 


Shoulders should be covered and long pants should be worn rather than shorts.


Never touch, sit near, or climb on a Buddha statue or the raised platform the statue sits on.


Always bow your head or kneel when in presence of monks and Buddha images.

Do not raise yourself higher than a monk. 


Never point your feet or sit cross legged when in the SALA.


Women should never touch or hand a monk something directly.

If something has to be handed, either pass it off to a male to hand to the monk or place it on a surface for the monk to pick it up. 


Do not approach the monks and stay silent while monks are in a prayer session. 


Always ask permission before photos are taken. 


Children should under adult supervision at all times. 


The address to the Wat is:

17969 Airport Rd, Caledon East, ON L7K 2K1

(corner of Airport Road and Finnerty Sideroad)

Entrance to the property is off Finnerty Sideroad

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